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Triathlon Bikes

New!!!  The ZEAL TM Bike Bag is now available for Triathlon bikes!  The triathlon bag was designed to accommodate the unique geometry of the triathlon bike.  This means that the bag will accommodate your aero bars as well as any water bottle  holders behind your seat.

Whether you're trying to protect your bike from the weather when it's on your vehicle-based bike rack or just trying to keep the interior of your vehicle clean, the ZEALTM Bike Bag (Patent Pending) will do the job.

The ZEALTM Bike Bag is designed to work with all major rack types including:

  • Tray-based racks with a "J-hook" for the front wheel (shown)
  • Post-based racks with post widths up to 15"
  • Fork mount racks with trays for the rear wheel
  • Tray-based racks with wheel and bike locks
The ZEALTM Bike Bag utilizes the strongest materials we could find.  Each bag comes with a two year from the date of purchase, unconditional warranty, and if your bag fails after that, send it back to us and we'll see what we can do.  We expect the bag will give you many years of services, however, as it's built with incredibly strong materials including:                        
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, neoprene
  • Waterproof 1000 D Nylon
  • Water resistant zippers

The ZEALTM Bike Bag is designed to hug your bike so be sure to look at the different bags available for your bike type and size of bike.  The Medium-sized bag is designed to fit triathlon bike frame sizes from 48 cm - 54 cm.  The Large-sized bag is designed to fit triathlon bike frame sizes from 56-64 cm.

the bike and bag combination can obscure your tail lights when used on racks at the rear of the vehicle, we provide the ZEALTM Bike Bag Light Kit.  This kit plugs into a standard 4-pin trailer light harness on your vehicle and provides the tail lights at the bag.  The light kit IS NOT included with each bag.  The bag should not be used without a light kit if the bike/bag combination obscures your vehicle's tail lights. 

Protect your investment with the ZEALTM Bike Bag.   

The same bag works for all three racks
Bikes, racks, and light kit not included.