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Light Kit

The ZEALTM Bike Bag Light Kit is designed to provide industry leading LED tail light functionality when your bike / bag combination obscures or interferes in any way with the tail lights on your vehicle.  The ZEALTM Bike Bag Light Kit mounts in pockets sewn into the sides of each bag.  From here they're able to provide tail lights, stop lights, and turn signals when plugged into a 4-pin trailer plug on your vehicle.  Note:  The The ZEALTM Bike Bag Light Kit will NOT work unless your vehicle has a 4-pin trailer plug.  These can be purchased and/or installed at vehicle dealerships and trailer sales and repair facilities.  Only one light kit is required per bike rack as it is mounted at the rear-most bike. 

The ZEALTM Bike Bag Light Kit includes 12' of wire to work with nearly every rack and bike combination